I Dreamed of Bellydance & The Blue Rose # 2

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How did a shy, clumsy girl ever become a dynamic, graceful bellydancer? Join me in exploring this seven part series which recognizes the importance of nurturing dreams with the children in our lives as well as our inner child. 

My bellydance journey was deeply inspired by the Armenian neighbor's the music next door. The sound touched me so deeply. It was like every switch in my body was turned on! It felt like I could levitate as my reaction to it was so intense. As I lay in my "Jeannie" tent, I was in total bliss between the cat purring and this new music mingled with the breeze in the trees. I just had to find out what this was all about. I went in the house to find my mom and she said it was bellydance music. She said the people were from another country and they brought this with them. "Mom why is it called belly dance ?" She said there were special dancers who dressed in veils like in "I Dream of Jeannie" Okay I was really hooked now.  If only there were a children's class back then .

Just over the fence near the swing set and make shift tent was the doorway to another realm. It was like my "Jeannie " tent wedged between the two properties was the perfect symbol for a bridge between two worlds . My mom even said our neighbors the Morjidians owned a restaurant in Philadelphia where they had bellydancers but we couldn't go because they didn't dance until midnight or 11:30 at the earliest. I was a bit disappointed but she said she would have me visit them next time they invited her for tea. In the meantime I spent lots of time outside hoping to hear more of this beautiful music brought over the ocean from a land far away.

Other movie clips which inspired my childhood bellydance:

In this vintage clip  you can see the dancers enter over and under a huge white fabric held by other dancers. I saw something similar by Farida Fahmy on Egyptian television and Delilah in one of her Dvd's. The lead dancer is actress Anita Ekberg who is not a dancer but still very beautiful to watch in many ways .I just love her costume. Aside from the stripper references and manly staffs my childhood innocence  just saw the beauty.

This video has a golden statue of a goddess come to life. Definitely provides some inspiration for a stage show or Goddess Night perhaps


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