Aszmara Workshops Show -April 8& 9, 2016

Aszmara Show & Workshops

Use the above link to pay.  DO NOT send money to any of Najia's other email addresses .
Our wild animal angel is returning the first weekend in Spring 2016

INSPIRATION, INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION & FEEDBACK from one of the Great Masters of Bellydance

Friday night's show experience a Red Tent show, workshop  and vegan potluck .Azmara has 2 thrilling workshops to inspire .

Aszmara takes us on our own internal dance journey so we can get deep within ourselves. A true artist  does not imitate dance moves but becomes them and embodies the music. We explore the mystical traditions of the Middle East that influence our dance on stage.

Bio: “Dance is emotion in motion” describes accurately the quality of Aszmara’s dance. She impresses through her expressive stage presence and interprets the music with her own blend of modern and ethnic Arab and Turkish dance which The New York Times describes as “intense”. Throughout her over three decade career, performances range from cabaret entertainment to full concert stage creating themed concert events, folkloric and innovative dances.   Workshop sponsors in the USA and Europe repeatedly bring her back for her vast knowledge and informed teaching conveying technical and performance skills.

See her website:
B&B Available: Bohemian Sanctuary only $60  for1 night /$100 for 2 nights
~$10 discount bring own sheets /towels

Friday April 8th Red Tent with Najia with Aszmara-limit 12 guests
7:30-9:30 pm @Sangha Space 
$25 pre-registered  Najia workshop + $10 paid for Aszmara at event
7:30 pm doors open for vegan potluck social time
8:pm show starring Aszmara, Najia  & workshop participants
8:30-9:30 pm Najia  "Mystical Fire Dance" workshop

Saturday April 9th 
Turkish Fire with Flying Skirts 
-location email Najia for address 
Exciting Cabaret Kashlima is one of Aszmara's favorite joyous dance rhythms. Back in the nightclub days, a typical cabaret show finale would be an exciting Kashlima with skirts flying leaving the audience wishing for more ! We will be flying with traditional Turkish movements, funky floor patters and Skirt moves that play with rhythm. Skirts may be borrowed from Najia but you must reserve one .

2:30-3pm Complimentary tea & snacks 
EARLY BIRD Each workshop is $65 or take both for $110- semi -private workshop- 5-7 people.
AFTER MARCH 15th add $10 per workshop -$80 at each door available for semi- private intensive workshops

Saturday April 9th 3-5pm 
Thrilling Zilling
location email Najia for address 
Most known for her amazing Zill playing, Aszmara plays like a musician with her dancing totally "in" the music.the rhythm inside the music and yourself as we connect rhythm and dancer with drills, musical dynamics, games and improvisational playing.  Don't just Play the cymbals, Play the Music of the dance. 

Also available :
Private Lessons email Najia for availability
private lesson prices: (prices include studio rental & booking fee )
$110 per hr.
$30  non -refundable deposit per hour needed to book your private and balance paid at lesson to Aszmara.

NO REFUNDS  unless workshops are cancelled !

SORRY No checks accepted  


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