I Dreamed of Bellydance & The Blue Rose- # 3

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How did a shy, clumsy girl ever become a dynamic, graceful bellydancer? Join me in exploring this seven part series which recognizes the importance of nurturing dreams with the children in our lives as well as our inner child. 

"Chez Najia ~inspired from her Armenian neighbors"

Our Armenian neighbor's house from the outside looked like any other house on the block with the exception of more beautiful flowers and trees. When Mrs. Morjidian opened her front door it was like "Open Sesame " in a Baghdad movie and seeing all the treasures in the cave. There were oriental carpets strewn all  even some laying over each other diagonally. Colorful detailed pillows, flowing drapes and sparkles and crystals everywhere.  I decided right then I was going to turn our garage and later when I am all grown up, I will turn my house  into whatever I could remember from this day.

As we sipped tea I heard all about my neighbor's love story. She was 14 and her husband was 18 when they came over on a ship to escape the war in Armenia. She was ancient to me then in her eighties. I saw the love in their eyes and thought how they had the true love that could turn a white rose blue like in the Blue Rose Arabian tale. In addition the the beauty and wonderful music my day was filled with sampling delicious food including Armenian string cheese. My senses were bombarded as I was taking in my present and dreaming up my future.

 There is something so special about discovering a new passion and the love and excitement that floods through the body a.k.a the truth meter . As radio show host and psychologist Murray Needleman  says "The body doesn't lie. Go to your body to find your truth ." I see it in my students eyes and even the breath they take. It brings me back every time to that original joy of feeling the music in my body for the first time.

More movie clips which inspired my childhood bellydance






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