I Dreamed of Bellydance & The Blue Rose # 1

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How did a shy, clumsy girl ever become a dynamic, graceful bellydancer? Join me in exploring this seven part series which recognizes the importance of nurturing dreams with the children in our lives as well as our inner child. 

So many have years passed since I saw my childhood friend Mary Pat. Those days  filled with exploring nature, dance , mud pies and "EasyBake Oven "cooking. In some ways things have not changed as I now do all things in my life career base on those formative years. Around the time my photo was picked for a physical therapy magazine, another friend who took the cover photo proudly brought a copy to a neighborhood reunion party in my absence.

When my childhood friend Mary Pat saw my cover photo on the magazine, she said to another friend  " I always new she would become a belly dancer. She has been dressing like one since she was five years old ! " As Vicki related the party events to me I thought "Really ? Has it really gone back that long ? Did I really do that ? " Just then in an instant, waves of memories came flooding in. I remembered building an Egyptian style tent in my back yard, ripping apart striped sheets  because I thought they looked Arabian as in the Saturday morning movies I watched like the one I called "The Blue Rose". 

I spent lazy afternoons in that tent with my best cat friend. I had an array of colorful pillows lining the interior of the tent like the inside of Jeannie's bottle. Drawing pictures, listening to songbirds, chasing butterflies and hummingbirds and inventing my own belly dances. I dressed in makeshift no sew costumes pieced together from scarves and 1950’s circle skirts scoured from my mom's collection in the attic .Those were peaceful days where I dreamed up my life to come. 

Dance scene from The Thief of Baghdad " a.k.a. The Blue Rose:


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