RECIPES Water Kefir -The Beauty & Health Elixir

Kefir means "Feel Good" in Turkish 

These days hand crafted brews are all the rage as well as foods containing powerful probiotics. Water kefir makes you not only feel good but look good. If you want to strengthen your immune system have glowing skin and a flatter tummy read on!

Another Kind of Holy Water?

Was kefir originally a gift from the great prophet? The legend say that the first kefir grains were a gift from Mohammed to the people of the Caucasus mountains. The grains which are living colonies of healthy bacteria and yeasts were originally added to milk to create a brewed drink that brought immense health to those who drank it. In addition these magical grains also preserved the town's milk supply in warmer weather a millennia before the days of refrigeration.

This Milk Kefir became a closely guarded secret for hundreds of years by the peoples of the Caucasus mountains until Irena Sakharova brought a few grains back to Russia. These living grains actually grow more grains! When the kefir grains ferment an unending supply ensues. This handful or grains eventually multiplied enough to become a staple part of the Russian and Eastern European diet and then traversed the world.

Water Kefir thrives in water rather than milk so it is perfect for vegans and those who don't like to count calories or worry about cholesterol. It is eco-friendly and kind. It grows and multiplies in the same way and has the same health benefits. It is also extremely economical costing pennies per serving when brewing your own.

 Technically, water kefir contains alcohol, but not to worry as it is so minuscule the amount is equivalent to the alcohol content of a freshly squeezed orange about 0.08 %.The maximum could be as high as 3% if left out on the counter for several days. Basically a balance is achieved naturally as the yeast converts the sugar into alcohol and the bacteria converts the alcohol into acids.

Beauty Benefits of Water Kefir

~reduces bloating and flattens the tummy 
~hair skin and nails become stronger and shinier
~promotes glowing clear skin 
~reduces brown liver spots, skin tags, warts & moles 
~reduces flatulence

Heatth Benefits of Water Kefir

~ has antibiotic and anti fungal properties
~improves the immune system
~ contains vitamins, minerals amino acids which are the building blocks of protein
~rich in enzymes and good bacterial and beneficial yeast to promote healthy digestion
~helps to stop unhealthy cravings like sugary sweet foods
~cleanses the liver benefiting the skin, eyes and joints
~ increases energy and overall health
~cleanses the endocrine system and promotes healthy menstrual cycle
~helps ease the nervous system from anxiety, depression, sleep disorders.

Goddess New Year Starts this Valentines Day
With 2014 off to a dramatically rocky start I have decided to leave all health resolutions till February 14th as a way to love and take care of my inner and outer goddess. I have been collecting supplies for my water kefir project which include a plastic mesh strainer, flip top glass jars, canning jars and flip top bottles as I like beautiful serving vessels .Tonight I just ordered my kefir grains online .There are many sources but make sure you order live grains and when they arrive take good care of them. Say tuned to the blog for photos of my various water experiments and recipes as you can add water kefir to fruit, salad dressing, smoothies or even brew in coconut water for more beauty and health benefits. I hope to be a new woman in the Spring.Wish me luck and let me know if you are brewing your own too!

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