Glowing Skin Part 1

Clear glowing skin is your best beauty asset. Most women look for the magic serum but the secret is what you put into your body has a far greater affect than what you apply to your face. Your body has to manufacture new skin cells everyday so you have the ability to transform the skin on your entire body simply by what you nourish it with and avoiding toxins that deplete, cause breakouts and spots and drain the life out of your skin.

Good Carbs vs. Not so Good Carbs
Eating too many starchy carbs like bread, pasta, candy bars trigger the body to increase insulin levels. Prolonged increase of insulin is inflammatory and increases acne. On the other hand a rainbow of good carbs from vegetables detox your body and promote vibrant skin. Choose mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes or fresh raw spiralized  zucchini strands instead of boiled pasta.

 I made the pasta on the left with a small spiralizer from Zucchini and served with fresh made cashew cheese, berries on a bed of lettuce .
A true pasta salad!

Up Next: Are you beautifying yourself for a special event? A real easy way to get the glow is drink a fresh green juice everyday in place of your afternoon caffein fix. In just a matter of days you will see less wrinkles and puffiness as well a certain luminosity. Delicious Green Smoothie recipes in our next blog.


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