Saaidi Combinations

All right Ladies .You asked for it . A little clarification from your favorite Saaidi combinations from class. Many of the movements were inspired from the Reda format taught to dancers all over the world .I was very fortunate to study with Mahmoud Reda during my summers spent in Egypt researching Orientale as well as Folkloric Egyptian dance.

These are difficult combinations to get your head around, so if you are having trouble there is NOTHING wrong with you.I have had lots of traing in it from Reda, his protege Farida Fahmy and her protege and my dear teacher and friend Sahra Saeeda. I do fly Sahra in regularily to the Philadelphia area to  teach my students and dance friends so be sure to study with her when she is here. She has the  back story and rich history of Saadi as she lived and performed in Egypt many years.

Photo at left is  Sahra demonstrating a Saadi head wrap for the lovely Amala

November's Saaidi Combos

Swerve kick right 2 X...after this the easy thing all the steps are R L R L  and so on... 

Step back R ,L, turning to the left then while facing back shift weight and hit R hip then L, step back R then L turning left to face the front again and with small shoulder shimmy step forward R back L forward R and in place L ..............Repeat entire combo in reverse on the left side and keep repeatimng and switching side till its in your deep cellular memory

Want to add a cane?  I prefer a stick since it is easier to switch when you are reversing combinations. You can purchase a cane for about $20 as shipping and big boxes are expensive.Better yet is spending $2 at any hardware store . You also see what you getting with no sad surprises from ordering on the internet. Ask where they sell wooden dowels .Most stores will even cut it to size for you. Just ask .You can spice your stick up with a trip to Pep Boys and buy some flashy mylar tape to wrap around your new dance prop to make it all shiny. Are you really ambitious and crafty?  Well wrap sequin trim around the stick candy cane style if you are patient and have time to glue it and tack it down. It really gives a personal touch and part of being a dancer is being an artist so this is a simple and rewarding project to start with.


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