Certification: Not just for pro's

Important news! Due to a few interested ladies missing out on a vital part of Najia's certification workshops, she has decided to offer it once more in the next couple weeks. If you're curious about certification keep reading. And if you get to the end and are also interested in joining us, please contact Najia ASAP to secure your spot. The date and time are TBD (Most likely a Thursday evening or late Sunday afternoon).

Certification... dun dun dun! Sounds scary at first but don't fret, it's quite the opposite. Najia does a wonderful job of breaking things down. It's one of the reasons she keeps the certification classes small. Loads of intimate attention to help you become a better dancer. We could go on for days about how important it is to understand the real fundamentals, as with any art form, but it boils down to growth. Given the choice of taking 20 years to get to a clean professional look versus 2 or 3 years, most would choose the later.

So where to start? Right now, actually. As luck would have it, the particular class being re-offered is the very first part in the whole series so it is very beginner friendly. The last time it was available was over 2 years ago. This class will focus on Part 1: Entrances (with veil). Veil is a tricky beast for some and this part of certification is highly recommended for those who wish to improve. Other subjects covered in the 2 hour workshop will be a series of crucial exercises for stage presence and working with dance in 4 dimensions including internal energy. Experienced dancers of all types will wish they had learned these fundamental artistic principles long ago. 
To be clear, in order to be officially certified by Najia, you would need to attend each certification class offered, in order. If a class is missed, in order to maintain good standing in the training, you would need to take a private lesson (or like this case, get enough ladies together to have a makeup class). But that doesn't mean you can't hop into a certification class! For anyone not yet interested in the official certification, you are absolutely encouraged to take any of the parts that appeal to you. Not just for pro's, remember!

Check out the website for dates and pricing. And call 610-449-7201 or email BEaLivingGoddess@gmail.com with any additional questions. Don't be afraid to ask the members questions, too! We love making new friends.

Finally, a big congratulations to Kate! She recently completed Part 2 of her certification training. Plus, she even had her first Goddess Night performance in October! I think we can all agree, we can't wait to see more from Kate in the future. Way to shine!


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