Vegan Cooking "Nourish with Nature"

"I never would've considered eating a vegan meal until I tried your cooking. It's amazing how your taste buds change after detoxing from processed foods. I now crave seeds, nuts, whole grains and high quality oils. Thank you for the yummy introduction! Your photos, much like you are gorgeous. Keep up the good work!"
... Leonie from Acorn Yoga

What is vegan ? The general interpretation is that a vegan will not consume any foods of animal origin .It is a totally plant based diet with no eggs, dairy, gelatin, animal broths etc.

Why vegan? Everyone may not agree on the ethical or environmental reasons which motivate most vegans but everyone can agree on the health and beauty benefits. If you enjoy young glowing skins, reduced wrinkles and cellulite, elasticity, well you may be a bit more motivated. When you really try some good dishes you will want to continue and learn to cook yourself because it is absolutely delicious. Try coming to one of Najis's vegan potlucks held at her Red Tent Goddess Nights 

Learn to cook with Najia for you and your family or friends ( up to 3 people )

  $ 180 includes:
~ 1 hour phone consultation to find the best recipes for your needs 
~1 hour on site cooking lesson
~ travel and cost of food is extra 

Schedule a 1 hr. private phone consultation 

Pre-order Najia's book "Nourished by Nature "
recipes for living the Goddess Lifestyle 
beautifully photographed in a pdf format for tablet reading 
$10 pre order $15 later 

 Book your lesson now ! Call 610-449-7201

Note: online payment adds 4% to your order for processing fees .

Vegan Cooking


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