Legs together!

Dance class in Media, PA

"Legs together, ladies!" is often heard in the dance classes by Najia. But why? Why is it so important to keep those knees locked in perfect lady-like posture as much as possible? To make Najia happy?! Well yes, of course. But also for a few other reasons:

First, because of the shape it creates. Try standing straight in front of a mirror. This posture creates a lot of lines. The key to bellydance is to create curves. So ease your knees in to each other a bit (keeping your thighs together) and like magic, your body starts to curve. Nothing too extreme here. It's the delicate difference between stiff and straight - relaxed and curvy. Knees should always be slightly bent when dancing, regardless! If you lock up, you might pass out.

Second, because Arabian cultures are very conservative. Having legs open is more of an invitation for disaster than anything remotely close to a dance style in their eyes. Najia teaches the Egyptian style and so lady-like behavior and posture is of the utmost importance.


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