What to Wear when it is Summer in Winter

It was just last week when I whipped my sandals out of my closet, my great find from the dead of winter sale. After combing through catalogues for inspiration, I had envisioned straw thongs with little delicate flowers, and high, comfy wedges to enhance my diminutive 5'4" stature. Creating them in my mind as I often do, I hoped someone would design just what what I needed, I prayed at least one pair would get severely marked down and find it's way to me. Less than a year later I find these $110 cuties at a shoe warehouse for $14. Artists thrive on beauty but have to learn to be resourceful, patient and imaginative when it comes to basic necessities. 

With a sudden drastic rise in temperature I venture out in my new sandals, toenails freshly painted, in the sheer joy of 70 degree sunlight. Yes it was glorious even with a slight chill in the wind. Spring had definitely arrived.....NOT!!!! Here we are days later back to the teens and 20's and I don't mean in the youthful fantasy way I desire. It's a blizzard out there. House windows shut. Heater back on.  Oh the chill! This sudden turn was not my vision of late. Some so called "primitive" cultures say that the weather patterns mirror are own collective consciousness. They spring up from our emotions and that we are all connected to nature as well as each other. Considering the current political, social climate (notice my humor) I would say they are wise and on to something. I feel like I don't quite know which way the wind blows anymore, literally or figuratively.

Here I sit with the contrast of weather patterns, my life, the social order, tension all over social media,  constrained talent and finances, meltdowns of people dear to me. I feel as well as some of my friends and colleagues we are in some crazy holding pattern. When are we going to break out and have a steady flow of sunlight? When can we truly walk forward in confidence and beauty again? When will we get a break from the stark contrast, extremes of hot and cold? One can only imagine. Really. One can only imagine and find a way to create beauty or at the very least, walk in beauty.

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