Rewind to Move Forward

The forest teaches many lessons. On my long walks to clear my psyche I find solace in the ever changing landscape. It somehow seems to mirror my inner life. It's almost Spring and like the fragrant hyacinths emerging from the earth, my ideas are bursting forth. I can picture a bouquet of colorful, textured flowers in my hand representing all the beauty I want to manifest in 2017. I am so wanting to move forward with my new career. As a physical, spiritual exercise, I embark on a trek to clear my head.

Upon arrival I am bombarded with the sight of contrasting weather extremes. Luckily my car is always ready for any weather change with layers of sweaters, scarves, hats and coats. Was that thunder I just heard? Last night the news said not to be surprised with the extreme cold front meeting the the warmth. My senses are changing with every half mile increment as I weave through the forest. I tie my coat around my waist and feel the intense sun on my cheeks. Twenty minutes later I am wearing not one but two hats on my head I am so cold with the wet wind whipping around my body.  Ominous dark grey clouds make me regret being in the woods alone. Luckily my dance training, and stamina enable to block pain and deal with being thrown off balance.  

As I approach the last mile an intense windy snow suddenly falls just when I was getting used to the sun in another part of the woods. This is exactly what I am experiencing in my own world. The contrast of flowers pushing up the soil and then a sudden rewind. This forward back tango while slowly circling is exactly the creative process of my life. While I may get frustrated, I now can surrender to the rewind, the intense snow and cold wind out of nowhere has it's own beautiful enchantment. All is well after all as I am in tune with the cycles of nature. That is my lesson today.

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