As the Light Shifts with the Approaching Vernal Equinox....

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it was summer in the light and winter in the shade ~ Charles Dickens

Nature speaks to me and I listen. With each step into the forest I breathe in a potent cocktail of warm and cool air sending mixed signals to my brain. The fragrance of transformation is taking place between the dead and the living elements. I can taste it with each inhalation. The light will begin shifting soon as the vernal equinox approaches on March 20th.  As nature hangs in the balance so does my life. I finally have a quiet time between chaos and can begin to fully breathe again.

Near death experiences with my mom and having to deaden parts of my career to be there for her, have pared away the parts of my life that no longer serve me. Beautiful, passionate, sensual, joyful exhausting memories being an entertainer and producing shows and bellydance retreats are now like the dead leaves and branches, fertile soil that line my path for new ventures. Of course these things will happen again in some way but I have to let them fall away as I did this past autumn, experience the dead of winter and allow space for new growth.

This notion of in-between space is finally here for me as I align my life with nature. A time of not being big, a time of not doing four things at once, a time of not running around like crazy. A time to surrender to not being driven to distraction or working hard to attain is scary expect for the fact the a new light is emerging. As I walk through the algid fallen crunch of winter and breathe and taste the cold I also feel the warmth enter me. Beneath the decay now nurturing the brown earth I find bright green plant babies. As I walk through theses moments and days of unstructured time and space I envision the new growth. I picture my life as a huge sunflower opening up with every splendid yellow petal and a heart center full of hundreds of sun
flower seeds to nourish visitors from the sky.

Being present and taking the time to take in what is before you brings inner riches. As you reflect the ambiguity of this time before Spring emerges feel free to reach out to me and post a comment so that we can learn. I so appreciate the community of women the Universe has gathered around me and we all help each other.

photo of Najia by Laurie Peabody

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