Discounted Bellydance Sampler

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Discounted Bellydance Sampler

Spring Sampler $220 -2 hour customized private lesson plus a 2 hour Goddess Night, 2 hour Classic Bellydance Workshop within the same month- 6 hours total  (save $120 -value $340).

This is an introductory offer that can only be purchased twice. It is designed for students of all levels.  It allows you to sample different ways to learn before choosing a monthly program.
 Private Lesson

Located in Drexel Hill area, Najia's sanctuary is inspiring and healing. It is also fully mirrored on both walls to see proper body alignment. 

Najia provides a sanctuary for women to heal. A place to take time for yourself and get in touch with the magic in deep feminine movement. She is a patient master teacher with over 25 years of full time professional experience in not only show business but in dealing with women's issues. Her detailed, deep holistic approach has helped thousands of women process stuck places and move forward in more places in their lives than just dance. In 2015 she was awarded best dance teacher in Media which was a very cherished honor for a bellydance teacher with so many wonderful dance forms in that town. In 2017 she is now bringing her Mind Body Bellydance material to her private students. It is all about discovering the treasure that lies within you. Its more than dance. It's a journey.

The private lesson allows the students to have a personalized foundation according to their needs. Women have differing movement backgrounds from lack of rhythm to stiffness, other dance forms and yoga. Everyone is unique and it is best to have an assessment before joining a group. Personalities, fears, hopes and personal histories also play into getting in touch with your inner goddess and having personal one on one instruction is of great value.

Goddess Nights are held in the beautiful Sangha Space historic ballroom in Media PA.

~mystical belly dance workshop
~bellydance show 
~vegan potluck
~costume bazaar

Goddess Nights allow you to explore your inner goddess with positive group energy. Red Tents focus on the mystical side of bellydance. It's about the magic in the movement,more about how it makes you feel rather than how you look or how fit you are getting while dancing. We play with dance while delving into the deeper meanings  all to enhance your perception, creativity and well being . Your Goddess Night will be on a Friday evening within the same month as your private lesson.

Choreography Workshops are held in the beautiful Sangha Space historic ballroom in Media PA.

Classic Style Bellydance Choreography Workshop
Now that you have has some personal attention to address your individual movement needs, as well as some time to nurture and learn how to move from your divine feminine, You are ready to experience some classic Egyptian choreography. Najia will break down the technique as well as allow you to experience the flow, exhilaration and freedom of movement combinations across the floor. Any props needed may be borrowed from Najia. Your Choreography Workshop is held on a Sunday afternoon within the same month as your private lesson.

Policies .There are no make-ups refunds for missed workshosp or private lessons as the sampler only allows your workshops with-in a specific month. If  however you need to re-schedule your private, please allow at 48 hours in advance.

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