Weekend Workshops for Bellydance

Register for Bellydance
2nd  Saturdays ( or the Saturday following Goddess Night)
New Time 11:30-am 1:30 pm 

June & July we are working with exciting "Wings of Isis" , Fan- Veil as well as veil maneuvers

Join us every month for beautiful and informative workshops covering a myriad of different choreographies, traveling steps, veil and Saidi combinations.

included with full course monthly registration
or guest students $50 prepay /$60 at door 

Najia is an award winning choreographer and has a wealth of beautiful dances to share Each month the topic will change you will learn new exciting ways to spice up your dance repertoire with classical opening numbers with veil, traveling steps and folkloric routines. 

Some of the dances taught over the course of the year include :
Alf Leyla we Leyla
Leylet Hob
Saidi traveling steps 
Saidi dance routine
Veil maneuvers and Veil improvisation
Reda Traveling steps for classic style
Drum Solo choreography
Balancing and Sword Dance

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Questions ? email Najia or 484-632-0724

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