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"Certification..Sounds scary at first but don't fret, it's quite the opposite. Najia does a wonderful job of breaking things down. It's one of the reasons she keeps the certification classes small. Loads of intimate attention to help you become a better dancer. We could go on for days about how important it is to understand the real fundamentals, as with any art form, but it boils down to growth. Given the choice of taking 20 years to get to a clean professional look versus 2 or 3 years with the same amount of class hours, most would choose the later. "~ Meredith Rowe

Najia is a master level bellydance instructor and performed thousands of shows for over two decades. She brings a very natural approach and spiritual perspective to her teaching. She is passionate, friendly, open and honest.  Najia has dedicated her life to assisting others in tapping into a specific feminine essence and feeling the beauty move through their bodies .

 The Certification program is for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. You need not aspire to be a professional but you will be able to dance like one or better. The aim of the program is to provide complete training in the art, culture, music, and depth of feeling in Middle Eastern dance. For those seeking full sensory immersion rather than fast food or flavor of the month bellydance you will be rewarded more than you could ever imagine a dance class could give you in this transformational process. 

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