Online -Beginner Bellydance Alchemy

Sample 2 hours of Najia's online classes for a special workshop held on Thursday July 6th ! 
$25 for both hours

Online Bellydance Workshop

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Study from your computer or tablet in the privacy of your home. Each online series includes 4 hours of detail  online semi-private lesson series held on Tuesday evening 7:30-8:30 -$100

Be sure to have a gmail address to join our class. Gmail is easy and free. After you register schedule a 5 minute test session with Najia

The Mystical Dance of Transformation

Bellydance Alchemy is a online unique course on the mystical dance of Transformation utilizing classic bellydance movements while delving deep into their energies to access the divine feminine within every woman. As we learn about each movement we also learn about ourselves as the soul speaks through the body. We learn to ease ourselves into movements, rather than forcing ourselves. This allows the liquid and earthly qualities of bellydance to move through us. It is very healing.  I hope you will join us on this journey of body and spirit and the transformation that will take place. Be ready as it truly will affect you deeply if you are ready to receive.

4 students are required but the maximum allowed in is 7 to provide the necessary feedback to students. Register now to ensure your space.

~ no video recording ! 


Questions ? email Najia or 484-632-0724

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