VINTAGE BELLYDANCE WEEKEND with Miramar , May 13 & 14 , 2016

Miramar Show & Workshops

Miramar from Winchester Virginia
The Art of Sword
Sat, May 14th noon-1:30 pm 
$35 early bird May1st/ $50 after

location Media or Drexel Hill PA depending on sign-ups

Sword dancing is a spectacular addition to a Middle Eastern Dance Routine.  It can be exciting and captivating. The sword adds a level of mystique and a ‘touch of danger’.  Miramar will teach sword dance structure, tips and tricks for balancing, safety considerations, unique sword moves such as Sword Thrust into Backbend, Sultana Pose and Spin, Goddess Warrior Pose and Spin, Forward Head Balance and Shoulder Balance. Detailed written notes and YouTube support included.
Materials: Sword in Sheath.  Limited number of swords that may be borrowed for class use.   Najia has many swords/scimitars for borrowing and purchase If you would like to purchase a sword  email Najia  for purchase 

Dance of the Seven Veils
Sat, May 14th 2-4pm 
$45 early bird May 1st/$60 after 

Take both workshops for only $70

location Media or Drexel Hill PA depending on sign-ups

The Dance of the Seven Veils has delighted the imagination of popular society since the mid-20th century. Oscar Wilde's famous biblical play Salome helped to propel an oriental dance craze and generated countless imitations of the “Dance of the Seven Veils” by such famous dance artists as Maud Allan and the infamous Mata Hari!
Miramar will teach her version including tips on choosing music, wrapping up in 7 veils, theme ideas, plus special moves like
Wrapping and Unwrapping, It’s Ducky, Miramar’s Favorite Tent and more. Detailed written notes and YouTube support included.

Materials:  These sizes are estimates – I’m about 5’4” and about 138 lbs. If you are smaller or larger you may either need shorter and/or longer veils.  It is fine to use the veils that you normally work with.
A.  2 rectangular hip accent scarves, approx.  36 in. x 2 ¼ yds. or could be smaller – these will be worn on the hips.
B. 2 Circular Veils, approx. 40 in. x 2 ¾-3 yds.  You could substitute with straight veils. 
C. 1 rectangular, straight veil approx. 40 in. x 3 yds.
D. Head scarf preferably with pailettes and 1 stretch headband to hold scarf on head.
E. Silk, rectangular approx. veil - 40 in. x 3 1/2 4 yds.

Veils to Borrow: Do not stress if you have no veils as you will get a chance to try this out regardless .Bring what you have and if you need to borrow veils, please let Miramar and Najia know in  advance and we will try to accommodate you. 


Friday April 8th Red Tent with Najia with Miramar
7:30-9:30 pm @Sangha Space 
$29 pre-registered  Najia workshop + $10 paid for Miramar at event
7:30 pm doors open for vegan potluck social time
8:pm show starring Miramar Najia  & workshop participants
8:30-9:30 pm Najia  "Mystical Drum Dance" workshop

Also available :
Private Lessons email Najia for availability
private lesson prices: (prices include studio rental & booking fee )
$ 80 per hr.
$30 non -refundable deposit per hour needed to book your private and balance paid at lesson to Miramar

B&B Available: Bohemian Sanctuary only $60  for1 night /$100 for 2 nights
~$10 discount bring own sheets /towels

NO REFUNDS  unless workshops are cancelled !

SORRY No checks accepted  

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