The Power of Alignment- part 1

One of the most satisfying experiences as a belly dancing teacher is enabling a student to feel the connection when their body and energy are in true alignment. It is so much more than good posture or proper technique It is about empowerment and freedom in dance. It is that spark that lights up the body and has it's own intelligence to see the moves through in relation to the music and space. When you are in true alignment you are connected to the source of all energy that keeps the earth rotating and the sun rise and set everyday.

You feel it in your body. It is a subtle yet deeply powerful experience .As soon as a student gets it she will instantly become flushed with beauty all over her face and body .When I see that I know they are plugged into the source energy to express the dance from a deep place beyond mere flesh and bones. This is true beauty in motion because it is connected to a divine intelligence. It is when the dancer is not only the doer but the observer going along for the ride in their own body. The goddess in the woman starts to feel a sense of her own temple.

What I love about belly dancing is it's transformational innate healing properties. When I get into the depths of the movements I can only feel they were divinely inspired. I feel the sacredness.We are all energy beings. Every moment of every day we are sending out vibrations. Whatever we send out comes back to us. Dance helps us to get in touch with the energy contained within. As we get in touch we can fine tune and transform not only our bodies but our lives. Change your energy and you can change your entire experience of the world.

This Friday Nov. 14th, 2014 we will have a special "Goddess Night " with a full 90 minute workshop devoted to alignment and getting connected at a deep level as we work with basic bellydance movements. We prepare our bodes with a healthy vegan potluck celebration before the workshop starts. We are at Sangha Space in Media and the doors open at 7:25pm

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